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Illustration 1: my painting of a lavender field

On this site I have included BEAUTIFUL CHOICES OR THE HOME & GARDEN yours and mine.




For the love of fun aprons there is a site with quite a variety from frilly to serious .check this out.
 I am in the endless process of of decorating my home and my searching for affordable decoration ideas has hit a jackpot. You might want to look here in this site if your are in the process of decorating your home.
 Some good sources for  unique furniture and lighting were found so they were included on my site. Wishful thinking I guess.
In fact you might find your favorite art in a print or a carefully painted copy.
 If I didn't enjoy painting my own scenes so much, my walls would be decorated with these wonderful inexpensive copies of great art.
The people that do artwork must be amaze themselves. Many great crafting artists started out by making copies of classics art by masters.

original art done by my friends
 Have your pet's portrait drawn in pastels by my friend Jan.pastel craft See some more samples of her work

My friend Myrna does beautiful leather sculpture. craftsI never know that a piece of leather could become a delicate feather on an all leather magnificent eagle Why not learn how she does this . This artwork can be purchased.

JEWELRY DESIGNED AND HANDCRAFTED BY MY FRIENDS In recent years I have become interested in beading. Some of my friends have also taken up this craft as a hobby and are now offering their beautiful works for sale. I am happy to include their jewelry on my site Beading can be expensive so I have made a search for jewelry making bargains. and helpful advice Get started on a new craft or become more proficient on your favorite one  crafts and more .   Instructions / materials /  clubs.  Kits. Great for Beginners!
The best in art materials from well known and respected  suppliers. For Doll collectors High quality 18" dolls.and trendy and traditional doll clothes to fit American Girl dolls, My Generation dolls and other  Ninety-percent of
the  doll clothing is Made in the USA at Everything For Dolls!










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